Telephone: 01322 432167

About Us (The Committee, Club History)

Would you like to be part of Belvedere's best kept secret? Have you ever been inside the Priory? Do you find local pubs noisy, rowdy and usually overpriced?

If you enjoy a drink (or two) in pleasant surroundings at reasonable prices with friendly clientele then you should look no further than the Priory. We are a medium sized club with two well appointed bars in the heart of Belvedere Village, sited in a beautiful historic buiding among pines and shrubs.You may have walked or driven past and not realised what is inside or that we are open and welcoming of new members.

Our main bar is comfortably furnished with leather upholstery combined with a high standard of decoration. We have three full sized snooker tables for you to enjoy. We have fishing and golf societies, regular not too serious quizes are held on a regualar basis as are entertainment and barbeques; a large screen television can add to your enjoyment.

Please ring the bell come in and have a look round, if it appeals to you, and we are sure it will, then please ask the bar staff for a membership form. We are open every lunch time and evening, and there are ample car parking spaces.